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Price Estimates for Sample Services


The NIMH Repository and Genomics Resource (NRGR) is a collaborative venture between the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and several academic institutions. Rutgers University is the primary partner, with Drs. Jay Tischfield and Linda Brzustowicz serving as the Principal Investigators of the U24 cooperative agreement that funds the Repository. Sampled, formerly Infinity BiologiX (IBX), conducts the biospecimen processing, analysis, storage, and distribution.

Review Sampled's available services

  1. Please review and complete the sample support services questionnaire to assist Sampled in completing estimates: Sampled Ballpark Questionnaire.
  2. Should you require assistance, Sampled's staff is available to guide you with scoping recommendations to meet your project's goals.
  3. To request a ballpark estimate, please forward the completed questionnaire or address questions to: IBX-NJ-NIMH-ServiceInquiries@sampled.com

After an initial estimate is generated and as you go further into the study design process, internal subject matter experts at Sampled can confer with you to assist in optimal study design to best leverage the capabilities of the NRGR and Sampled.

  1. Sampled will maintain records of the initial ballpark estimates and will use this reference to generate formal quotes.
  2. Address formal quote requests to: IBX-NJ-NIMH-ServiceInquiries@sampled.com