CAPS (Combined Analysis of Psychiatric Studies)

About the CAPS Project

The aim of the CAPS project is to leverage investments made by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in the NIMH Repository and Genomics Resource (NRGR) within the Center for Collaborative Genomics Research on Mental Disorders. The NRGR comprises a massive and valuable public resource for investigating the genetics of an array of psychiatric disorders. With the joint benefits of hindsight, a powerful statistical framework, expert clinical advice, and large sample sizes, we are systematically reviewing, revising, and reanalyzing selected disorders in order to extract the total genetic evidence from the data as efficiently and accurately as possible. CAPS is also committed to returning all cleaned data, along with all data cleaning and computational tools, to the NIMH research community through this website.

The CAPS Project is using the PPL framework, as implemented in the software package Kelvin, to reanalyze NIMH data. Statistics in the PPL framework are specifically tailored to accumulate evidence in a mathematically rigorous way across multiple data sets or data subsets, while allowing for multiple sources of heterogeneity.

CAPS Collaborators

Name Affiliation
Veronica Vieland, PhD Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OH
Linda Brzustowicz, MD Department of Genetics, Rutgers University, Piscataway NJ
Thomas Lehner, PhD National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda MD

How the CAPS Project is Supported

The CAPS project is supported by National Institutes of Health grant U24 MH068457 (J Tischfield & LM Brzustowicz, co-PIs; VJ Vieland, CAPS PI).

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