Pedigree Plotting Service


Upload a tab separated file or a comma separated file in order to generate diagrams.
Input file specifications/ Understanding Errors
Sample Input File
Sample Output File

Note: Madeline Pedigree tool used by this system plots one family at a time. It may skip plotting certain individuals which it considers outside the scope of its definition of a family. Please review the debug console to check if all individuals were plotted or not.


  • Choose between Partial Hatch / Color Diagrams
  • Label selection and Alias Naming
  • Choose squiggles for Affected Ids
  • Specify Document Name and Author

Clear All

Color Options



  • Drag n Drop Affected Id's to order them.
  • Use Autofill option to generate random icons (doesn't change existing icons).
  • Manually set/ change an icon
    1. Click on Affected Id
    2. Select a new Icon from drop down list
    3. Click Set New Icon Button


Debug Console:

Clear Debug


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