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How to Order Biosamples

There are two different processes to follow depending if you want to order Biosample from your own study or studies conducted by someone else.

  1. Download FORM-099_1
  2. Fill in the "sample_info" tab completely and the yellow section of the "order_info" tab of the form (this is the section labeled "COMPLETED BY PI").
  3. Save the completed form. Please add your NIMH Study ID to the file name.
  4. Create a cover letter, signed by the PI, on institutional letterhead. Provide the following information in the cover letter:
    1. NIMH Repository study number
    2. A brief purpose statement for accessing the samples
    3. State whether it is for a new study/protocol that is different from the original protocol. If so, a new study description must be provided.
    4. If you have received the same samples in the past, please include the history of those received samples (date[s] requested, amount, and the purpose for accessing).
    5. ​Please address this cover letter to:
      NIMH Repository & Genomics Resource Access Committee
      National Institute of Mental Health
      National Institutes of Health
      6001 Executive Blvd.
      Room 7180B
      Rockville, MD 20852
  5. Samples may be shipped to sequencing sites directly if it is a different site from the study site. In this case, requesting PIs must also submit a distribution agreement signed by the investigator and their institution’s Authorized Organizational Representative who will be responsible for your samples at the sequencing site.
  6. Email the helpdesk at help@nrgr.on.spiceworks.com. Attach Form-099_1, signed cover letter and any other applicable documents (e.g. Distribution Agreement) to the helpdesk ticket.
  7. The subject of your request should follow the following format and must include your study number "Biosample Shipment Request – Study [study number] - internal."
  8. Sample shipment request will be reviewed by NIMH for approval.
  9. IBX houses the samples. They will contact you with any clarifying questions, and/or to provide tracking information.

  1. Sign In or Create an Account using the Sign In link in the header of this site.
  2. If you haven't already done so, Request Access to the appropriate data. (Help me Request Access.)
  3. Open a Helpdesk Ticket online or email the helpdesk directly at help@nrgr.on.spiceworks.com with Subject "Biosample Shipment Request - [Access Request ID]*"
  4. Include Sample Order Form filled in with all relevant details. Please add your access request ID to the file name. This form will be used to verify that you have access to the samples being requested.
  5. RUCDR houses the samples. They will contact you with any clarifying questions, and/or to provide tracking information. NOTE: RUCDR will only ship samples to NIMH-approved sites with a signed Material Transfer Agreement. We cannot ship directly to processing sites.