Sequence Data

Note: Sequence data at the NIMH Repository are available as part of the distribution for the indicated disorder.

Autism Autism Sequencing Consortium 1R01MH089208-01 Exome 2,119 Available dbGaP
Autism Human Autism Genetics and Activity Dependent Gene Activation 1RC2MH089952 Whole Exome Sequencing 16 Available dbGaP
Autism UIC ACE Exome Sequencing 1P50HD055751-01 Whole Exome Sequencing 438 Available dbGaP
Bipolar Boehnke & Myers 5R01MH094145-03 Whole Genome

1,000 cases

1,000 controls

In Progress



Controls Daly 1R01MH089208-01 Exome 912 Available dbGaP
Depression Levinson 5RC2MH089916-02 RNAseq 463 cases
459 controls
Available NIMH Repository
DP Dataset 7
Schizophrenia Goldstein 5RC2MH089915-02 Whole Genome 162 Available dbGaP
Schizophrenia D. Tsuang PMID: 23553203 Exome 5 families
12 subjects
Available NIMH Repository
SZ Dataset 28
Schizophrenia Exome Sequencing in Schizophrenia Families 5R01MH083989-05 Whole Exome Sequencing 214 Available dbGaP
Schizophrenia + Bipolar Disorder Genomic Psychiatry Cohort (GPC) Whole Genome Sequencing Pilot Study 1U01MH105641 Whole Genome Sequencing 746 SZ
4 BP
Available dbGaP
Schizophrenia + Controls Study 0, Study 6, Controls - Target gene EGR3, ARC 4,066 Available NIMH Repository
SZ Dataset 30
Schizophrenia + Controls Transcriptome study of differential expression in schizophrenia 5RC2MH090030-02 Expression 381 cases
446 controls
Available dbGaP
Schizophrenia + Controls Study 94, Controls 5R01MH080403-03 Exome Sequencing 22 cases, 382 controls Available NIMH Repository
SZ Dataset 31
Rutgers University Rutgers University USC Information Sciences Institute Washington University in St.Louis National Institute of Mental Health