NIMH Introduction

The Psychiatric GWAS Consortium (PGC) sent their full sample GWAS results, individual quality controlled genotypes, and individual level dosage data (from an imputation model) for a subset of the full sample (i.e., "deposited data") to the NIMH Repository for distribution to qualified investigators.


Background of the PGC (from the PGC webpage)


"The purpose of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium (PGC) is to conduct meta-anaylses of genomewide association study (GWAS) data. Our primary focus is on five important psychiatric disorders: autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia.

The PGC began in early 2007 with four members.  By the end of 2007, the PGC had become a real and functional entity.  It is now a remarkable confederation of 111 scientists from 48 institutions and 11 countries.  The collegiality of the field has been exceptional - essentially all groups whom we have approached have agreed to participate.  We know of no other such collaborative effort in the history of psychiatry where so many have come together so quickly to form an effective and forward-looking collaboration.

This website provides information about the organization, implementation, and results of the PGC. The PGC has relied heavily on the goodwill of its members and their donated effort. We are deeply grateful to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), NARSAD, and the Netherlands Genetic Computing Cluster for their sponsorship of the PGC."




PGC sent summary statistics for 2.4M snps.  The results and data for bipolar disorder are currently available at the links below.

Bipolar Disorder Table 1 (List of Samples)

Bipolar Distribution 6.02 PGC Results and Data



PGC sent summary statistics for 1.2M snps from their Stage 1 analyses, unadjusted p-values.  The results and data for schizophrenia are currently available at the links below.

Schizophrenia Table 1 (List of Samples)

Schizophrenia Distribution 8.01 PGC Results and Data



Major Depressive Disorder Table 1 (List of Samples)

Major Depressive Distribution 3.02 PGC Results and Data



ADHD Table 1 (List of Samples)

ADHD Distribution 1.0 PGC Results and Data - coming soon

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