DIGS 3.0 GenRED I (Study 7)

DIGS 3.0 GenRED is a modified DIGS 3.0, specifically for the Genetics of Recurrent Early-onset Depression multicenter study (GenRED Oct 99).

This version of the DIGS includes modifications introduced for this specific study.  These include:

  1. Omission of sections on schizotypal features, gambling, GAS, SANS/SAPS.
  2. Modified medical screening checklist and Tobacco section.
  3. Skip site alcoholism and drug abuse optional items and DSM-IIIR summary ratings in these sections.
  4. An additional interviewer instruction after the Delusions and after the Hallucinations sections (to clarify temporal relationship between mood and psychotic symptoms, substance use and medical disorders).
  5. Modified items to rate number and maximum duration of depressive episodes and manic and hypomanic periods with and without organic precipitants; and modified instructions for selection of a second depressive episode to rate.
  6. More specific instructions for the interviewer's Narrative Report.

Omitted sections have been removed, but retained sections have their original page numbers and layout.

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