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Infotech Aspect

The Diagnostic Interview for Genetic Studies (DIGS) version 4 is available as an electronic form for INFOTECH Soft's Aspect mental health assessment platform. Combining the simplicity and ease of traditional paper forms with the power and flexibility of computer-assisted interviewing, the electronic DIGS on Aspect dramatically improves the quality and usefulness of the information gathered, and substantially reduces the costs and errors associated with traditional data entry. Information is collected through the Aspect DIGS form through selection buttons or textual input fields; some data, such as a timeline, is entered graphically, for clinician ease of use. This information is checked to discover inaccurate or inconsistent responses, calculations such as time spans or tobacco usage rates are performed automatically and accurately, and computer-adaptive algorithms generate recommendations and instructions to include or exclude questions or to proceed to different sections. A tree view of the form permits one-click navigation to different sections, for quick verification during interviewing and for ease of review.

Highly flexible and scalable, Aspect can be configured as a single, standalone system or as a full-fledged networked system, hosting numerous computer-based questionnaires and rating scales. Data is collected, analyzed, and reviewed anywhere at any time through portable mobile computers or desktop workstations, online or off-line. In team-based settings, information is seamlessly exchanged and shared, using encryption, authentication, security, and privacy mechanisms designed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Aspect was developed under a competitive contract awarded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and is currently in use for the collection of DIGS data in a large study on genetics and bipolar disorder involving eleven top-tier research institutions. For more information about using the electronic DIGS or any other psychometric assessments on Aspect, please contact:

Patrick Shironoshita
VP for Market Development
1201 Brickell Ave., Suite 220
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305-371-5111, ext. 11

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