DP Dataset 2 (STAR*D Discovery)

Researchers who analyze data and biomaterials from the NIMH Depression Genetics Initiative will use the text specified in the Distribution Agreement to acknowledge the contribution of scientists who collected the data and biomaterials.  Researchers who analyze the genetic analysis data available on this page will use the following additional text to acknowledge, in any and all oral and written presentations, disclosures, and publications, the contribution of scientists who generated the genetic analysis data.

964 STAR*D samples were genotyped on Affymetrix 500K (Nsp+Sty) arrays ("Discovery") at Affymetrix.

1. Lab ID (SD Name, e.g., SD0001) can be converted to repository cell line ID with file ("SD Name to CellID Converter for STARD.txt") zipped in data file
2. Markers are in .map files
3. Samples and genotypes are in .ped files
4. A readme.txt file is included for this 500K experiment
5. AffySNP_info.txt file is the AffyI ID/dbSNP ID conversion file.

Questions? Contact Steve Hamilton at steve.hamilton@ucsf.edu

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