CN Dataset 2 (Illumina SNPs)

Researchers who analyze data and biomaterials from the NIMH Controls Genetics Initiative will use the text specified in the Distribution Agreement to acknowledge the contribution of scientists who collected the data and biomaterials.  Researchers who analyze the genetic analysis data available on this page will use the following additional text to acknowledge, in any and all oral and written presentations, disclosures, and publications, the contribution of scientists who generated the genetic analysis data.

Genotyping of these samples using the Illumina 550K platform was conducted by the Pritzker Consortium and was supported by the Pritzker Neuropsychiatric Disorders Research Fund L.L.C. The Pritzker Consortium includes scientists at the University of Michigan (H. Akil and S.J. Watson, Site Directors, and Michael Boehnke, lead on bipolar genotyping effort); Stanford University (Rick Myers and Alan Schatzberg, Site Directors); the University of California at Davis (Ted Jones, Site Director); the University of California at Irvine (William Bunney, Site Director); and the Weill Medical College of Cornell University (Jack Barchas, Site Director).

For details on the Consortium, see: The DNA control samples were obtained from the Rutgers NIMH Repository and were collected by Dr. Pablo Gejman at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

The data are available in a WINZIP compressed file.

Text file - NEW
Note: A new file was obtained from Illumina on 11/13/07.

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