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Website Launch Announcement

The NIMH Repository & Genomics Resource contracted with a User Experience and Design company to improve the organization and navigability of the website. The main URL of the website will remain the same; however, specific sub-pages may have new URLs and will be located in different locations. Some content and specific sub-pages have been removed when deemed redundant, outdated, or subsumed by new tools. Some files that existed as separate links have been merged into one-click bundles.

As part of the website launch, our team has embarked on an ongoing process to standardize and harmonize existing data. As part of this endeavor, we have updated existing distribution files to conform to a standardized format and added harmonized diagnoses for cross-study comparisons. If you have downloaded data in the past and still have active access, we advise you to download these standardized distributions on the new website and review the change notes.

If you have difficulty locating pages and/or files that you viewed previously, have questions or comments about the new website, please contact help@nrgr.on.spiceworks.com. We welcome your feedback and seek to make the transition to the new website as smooth as possible.