List of NIMH Genetic Studies

Study Title Distributions PIs Grants Sites Target Sample Size GWAS Notes
BP 0 Linkage Studies of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Nurnberger, Reich, DePaulo, Gershon

5U01MH046282, 5U01MH046280, 5U01MH046274

10-13 1353

175 in dbGaP BP GAIN; 112 in NIMH BP-DS11 phase1; 174 in NIMH BP-DS11 phase2;

SZ 0 Linkage Studies of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Tsuang, Cloninger, Kaufmann

5U01MH046318, 5U01MH046276, 5U01MH046289

30-32 877

35 in dbGaP SZ GAIN;73 in dbGap SZ non-GAIN;

AD 0 Genetic Studies of Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Albert, Bassett, Go

5U01MH046281, 5U01MH046290, 5U01MH046373

50-52 1411
Study 1 A Collaborative Genomic Study of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Berrettini, Byerley, Coryell, DePaulo, Gershon, Kelsoe, Nurnberger, Reich, Sheftner, Murphy


20-29 1768

387 in dbGaP BP GAIN;  280 in NIMH BP DS11 phase1; 429 in NIMH BP DS11 phase2;

Study 2 Molecular Genetics of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Baron


Site 15-US; Site 16-Israel 843

72 in GWAS Pritzker 1, 94 in GWAS Pritzker 2

Study 3 Genetic Linkage Study of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Tsuang M


Site 34-China; Site 35-Taiwan 2328
Study 4 Collaborative Linkage Study of Autism Autism Folstein (retired), Piven, Sutcliffe


60-61, 89 665

26 in exome seq dbGap ARRA; 12 in dbGaP AGP; 515 in NIMH AU DS3; 12 in dbGaP phs000436;

Study 5 A study of Schizophrenia (Withdrawn) Schizophrenia Withdrawn 37
Study 6 Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Gejman, Murphy, Mowry, Freedman, Amin, Byerley, Black, Silverman, Levinson, Cloninger


40-49 1383

275 in dbGaP GAIN; 196 in dbGaP Non-GAIN;29 in dbGap jointGWinMGS;

Study 7 Genetics of Early-Onset Major Depression Depression Levinson, DePaulo, Sheftner, Crowe, Weissman, Zubenko R01MH060912 80-85 2238 653 in GenRED GWAS
Study 8 Genetic Analysis of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Pato R01MH058693 38 223
Study 9 A study of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Weinberger (original PI: Egan) 39
Study 10 Collaborative Linkage Study in Autism Autism Folstein


62 4

4 in NIMH AU DS3;

Study 11 A study of Schizophrenia (Withdrawn) Schizophrenia 36
Study 12 Genetic Analysis of Psychosis Schizophrenia Pato R01MH052618 33 233
Study 13 Genetics of Schizophrenia in Latino Populations Schizophrenia Escamilla, Raventos, Munoz, Ontiveros, Nicolini, Mendoza, Jerez, Canive R01MH060881 17, 53-59 1241
Study 14 Molecular Genetics of Infantile Autism Autism Myers


63 563

334 in NIMH AU DS3;

49 in dbGaP ARRA;

Study 15 A Neurobehavioral Family Study of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Gur, Nimgaonkar


70-71 645
Study 16 Collaborative OCD Genetic Study OCD Nestadt, Murphy, Rauch, Greenberg, Fyer/Knowls, McCracken


64-69, 164 1351

911 in dbGaP OCGAS

Study 17 CATIE; Replication of Schizophrenia Associations in CATIE Alzheimer's Disease, Schizophrenia Lieberman, Sullivan

N01MH090001, R01MH074027

Site 75-AD; Site 76-SZ 741

741 in NIMH SZ DS 13 (CATIE);291 in NIMH SZ 27;

Study 18 STAR*D; Treatment Resistant Depression Depression Rush


77 1942

962 in NIMH DP DS 2 STAR*D Discovery; 971 in NIMH DP 3 STARD V;

Study 19 STEP-BD; Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder, Controls Sachs, Nimgaonkar


14, 78, 86, Site 88-Controls 2365

847 cases and 453 ctls in STEP-BD GWAS; 486 in NIMH Controls DS 1;  105 in dbGap NIMH-CTL Exome;

Study 20 TADS; Treatment of Adolescents with Depression Depression March 79
Study 21 AGRE; A Genomewide Search for Autism Susceptibility Loci Autism Geschwind


72, 74 3908

442 in exome seq dbGap ARRA; 96 in dbGaP AGP; 16 in dbGap phs000639; 362 in NIMH AU DS3;

Study 22 PAARTNERS; Schizophrenia Liability Genes Among African Americans Schizophrenia Go, Nimgaonkar, Kwentus, Edwards, McEvoy, Bradford, Santos, Devlin


101-109 1739

12 in dbGap Exome seq in SZ fam;

Study 23 Genetic Susceptibility in Schizophrenia Controls, Schizophrenia Nimgaonkar


73 489
Study 24 Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa Kaye, Fichter, Brandt, Jones, Mitchell, Berrettini, Johnson, Strober, Halmi, Kaplan, Devlin R01MH066122 110-120 1205
Study 25 International Multi-Center ADHD Genetics Project (IMAGE) ADHD Faraone, Ebstein, Oades, Roeyer, Asherson, Steinhausen, Rothenberger, Gill, Buitelaar, Miranda


19, 90-99 4954

2694 in dbGaP GAIN

Study 26 A study of Bipolar Disorder (Withdrawn) Bipolar Disorder Withdrawn 87
Study 27 The Genetics of Endophenotypes and Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Braff, Freedman, Tsuang M., Green, Siever, Gur, Tsuang D.


122-128 (COGS 1), 253-257 (COGS 2) 2000

202 in dbGap Exome seq in SZ fam;

1 in dbGaP SZ-Gain; 1 in dbGaP SZ-non-Gain;

Study 28 A study of ADHD (CHOP) ADHD Elia



08feb2017: Study 28 (Elias: CHOP) GWAS was one of four sites analyzed by PGC in their 2010 metaanalysis of ADHD, see publication below.  Data will also be available on the NRGR website with ids linked to NRGR cell lines; ids in the current PGC download are not directly linked to NRGR ids.  

pubmed link to PGC ADHD meta-analysis:

Study 29 Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia Controls, Schizophrenia Gejman, Levinson, Buccola, Mowry, Freedman, Amin, Byerley, Crowe, Silverman, Cloninger


139-150 8989


1212 in NIMH Controls DS 1
463 in NIMH DS 2
1705 in dbGaP BP GAIN
1033 in STEP-BD GWAS
461 in GWAS Pritzker 1
311 in GWAS Pritzker 2
2142 cases and 2332 ctls in dbGaP SZ GAIN
1141 cases and 1379 ctls in dbGaP SZ Non-GAIN
748 in NIMH SZ DS 13
848 in exome seq dbGap ARRA
946 in dbGap NIMH-CTL Exome

446 ctls and 352 cases  in dbGap jointGWinMGS


382 in SZ DS31_1

Study 30 A study of Autism Autism Rodier 158 50
Study 31 A study of Autism Autism Rodier 151 79
Study 32 A study of Autism Autism Szatmari 152 483

31 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;8 in dbGaP AGP;

Study 33 Longitudinal Study of Language and Theory of Mind in Autism Autism Tager-Flusberg


153 210

17 in NIMH AU DS3;

Study 34 Neurobiology and Genetics of Autism Autism Dawson


154 214

10 in dbGaP ARRA;

Study 35 Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Autism Autism Pericak-Vance


155 1220
Study 36 A study of Autism Autism McInnis 156 310

4 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

Study 37 RUPP-PI Autism McDougle


157 133

27 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

Study 38 A study of Autism (Withdrawn) Autism Withdrawn 159
Study 39 A study of Autism Autism Brzustowicz


Study 40 Bipolar Genome Study (BiGS) Bipolar Disorder Schetner, Gershon, McMahon, Kelsoe, Nurnberger, McInnis, Berrettini, Byerley, Coryell, Lawson, Rice, Univ. of Michigan 170-181 3934

853 in dbGaP BP GAIN

Study 41 The Development of the Siblings of Children with Autism: A Longitudinal Study Autism King, Hollander, Sigman, Piven, Volkmar, Tager-Flusberg, Hollander


700-707 438

7 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

Study 42 A Genome Wide SNP Association Study: Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Pulver R01MH068406 185 197
Study 43 A study of ADHD ADHD Todorov, Todd (deceased) 132
Study 44 Genetic Analysis of 15q11-q13 in Autism Autism Sutcliffe



 134 in dbGaP AGP; 71 in dbGaP phs000436;

Study 45 Detection of Susceptibility Genes in ADHD ADHD Sandra Loo (new PI)


Study 46 DM-STAT (data coordinating site for Studies 30, 31, 33, 34 & 41) Autism Dagher
Study 47 A study of Autism (STAART) Autism Hollander 710
Study 48 A study of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder McMahon, DePaulo, Gershon 186-188 642
Study 49 Genetics of Bipolar Disorder in Latino Populations Bipolar Disorder Escamilla, Medoza, Paso, Paez, Jerez, Raventos, Nicolini, Ontiveros R01MH069856 190-197 2688
Study 50 Genetics of Autism Intermediate Phenotypes Autism Coon, Hepburn


200-201 1711

129 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

Study 51 A study of ADHD ADHD Todorov, Todd (deceased) 121
Study 52 Genetics of Early-Onset Major Depression (GenRED II) Depression DePaulo, Scheftner, Coryell, Weissman, Levinson, Lawson


280-286 1902

450 in GenRED GWAS; 776 in GenRED II GWAS;

Study 53 A study of Autism Autism Sikich 162
Study 54 A study of Autism Autism Hollander, Sigman, Sikich 721-723
Study 55 Adolescents at High Risk for Familial Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Nurnberger, Kastelli, McInnis, Reich R01MH068009 750-753 374
Study 56 Clinical and Immunological Investigations of Subtypes of Autism Autism Swedo, Thurm, Amaral

1ZIAMH002868-09, NCT00298246, 1R01MH089626-01, 5U24MH081810-05, 1K99MH085099-01A1


163, 208
Study 57 A study of Autism Autism Wassink 166
Study 58 Genetics of Brain Structure and Function Brain Function Blangero, Glahn

R01MH078143, R01MH078111

136 1300
Study 59 High-Density Genome-Wide Association Study of Schizophrenia in Large Dutch Sample Schizophrenia Ophoff R01MH078075 100 331
Study 60 A study of Autism Autism Piven

5P30HD003110-45, U10 DD000184-06/DD/NCBDD CDC HHS/United States, U50/CCU422345/PHS HHS/United States


167 275
Study 61 Molecular Genetic Studies of Human Anxiety Disorder Fear and Anxiety Weissman


137 700
Study 62 Molecular Genetic Studies of Human Anxiety Disorder Fear and Anxiety Fyer


138 470
Study 63 Interdisciplinary Studies of Insistence on Sameness in Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism Cook



168 250

438 in exome seq dbGap UIC ACE;

Study 64 Center for Genomic and Phenomic Studies in Autism Autism Lajonchere, Amaral, Constantino, Roullet, Malow, Sohl, Manning, Murray


202-207, 229 1263

1 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

Study 65 Trio Autism Simplex Collection (TASC) Autism Geschwind, Szatmari, Cook, Dawson, Poustka, Gallagher, Cuccaro, Vicente, McMahon, Sutcliffe, Buxbaum, Nurnberger 210-221 3374

1012 in exome seq dbGap ARRA; 1815 in dbGaP AGP;

Study 66 OCD Collaborative Genetics Association Study OCD Nestadt, Greenberg, Fyer, Pauls, McCracken


240-244 3395

1539 in dbGap OCGAS;

Study 67 Population Based Mapping of Schizophrenia Genes Schizophrenia Escamilla, Raventos


129 1500
Study 68 Biological Prediction of Psychosis Susceptibility among Adolescent Cannabis Users Schizophrenia DeLisi


18, 131 320
Study 69 Biological and Information Processing Mechanisms Underlying Autism Autism Minshew


Study 70 Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics RDoC Bilder


182 2100
Study 71 Bipolar Endophenotypes in Population Isolates Bipolar Disorder Freimer, Macaya, Ospina-Duque R01MH075007 198-199 560
Study 72 Prediction of Relapse in Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Miller, Buckley, Goff, Lauriello, Manschreck, Mendelowitz, Wilson, Kopelowicz


261 230
Study 73 Combining Medications to Enhance Depression Outcomes (CO-MED) Depression Trivedi, Nierenberg, Gaynes, Husain, Preskorn, Kerber, Young, Gilmer, McGrath, Friedman, Zisook, Mitchell, Davis, Lesser, Leuchter, Shelton, Kornstein 287 650
Study 74 Examination of Genetic and GxE Effects in the Family and Community Health Studies (FACHS) Depression Philibert, Beach


133-134 800
Study 75 Lithium Use for Bipolar Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial (LiTMUS) Bipolar Disorder Nierenberg, Ostacher,Iosifescu, Thase, Ketter, Bowden, Calabrese, Friedman

Conducted under NIMH Bipolar Trials Network

189 193
Study 76 Genomic Psychiatry Cohort (GPC) Controls, Schizophrenia Pato, Pato, Knowles, Marder, Rapaport, Perkins, Buckley, Morley, Bromet, Lehrer, Malaspina, Escamilla, Nicolini


251,262-269, 271, 351-352, 844 19657
Study 77 International Cohort Collection for Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder, Controls Smoller, Sklar, Pato, Knowles, Bromet, Rapaport, Buckley, Escamilla, Morley, Dewan, Lehrer, Marder, Perkins, Malaspina, Nicolini


252, 270, 272-275, 304-312, 845 8947
Study 78 Netherlands Twin Register Netherlands Twin Register Boomsma, de Geus R01D0042157-01A 169 8540
Study 79 Genotypic and Phenotypic Factors in Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism Davis, Demmer, Caronna, Kunkel, Walsh, Frazier

R01MH085143, R01MH083565

222-227 1048

(lingwei note): 411 in exome seq dbGap ARRA;

29JUL2016(wbh): genomic data at NDAR under collection 2029, not for transfer to NRGR, target sequence data stays at NDAR, exome sequence goes to dbgap, according to David Obenshain of NDAR who cites agreement with Walsh lab; no gwas dataset


Study 80 Suicidal Behavior in Mood Disorders: Genes and Intermediate Phenotypes Suicide Mann, Turecki, Rujescu


288-290 1100
Study 81 Predictors and Mechanisms of Conversion to Psychosis (NAPLS) Addington, Walker, Seidman, Mathalon, Cannon, Cadenhead, Perkins, Woods, Cornblatt


291-298 960
Study 82 Expanding Rapid Ascertainment Networks of Schizophrenia Families in Taiwan Schizophrenia Tsuang M., Hwu


183 12000
Study 83 Incomplete Response in Late Life Depression: Getting to Remission Depression Reynolds, Lenze, Mulsant 277-279 500
Study 84 Predictors of Antidepressant Treatment Response: The Emory CIDAR; Predictors of Treatment Response, Relaps, and Recurrence in Major Depression Depression Mayberg, Craighead

P50MH077083, R01MH080880

276 500
Study 85 Language and Risk in Schizophrenia Schizophrenia DeLisi


260 90
Study 86 Autism-Spectrum Disorder Genetics Autism Haines

5P01NS026630-20, 5R01NS036768-10, 5R01MH080647-15


230 1500
Study 87 Emory-MSSM-GSK-NIMH Collaborative Mood and Anxiety Disorders Initiative PTSD Mayberg, Dunlo, Iofescu, Mathew, Neyland


299-300, 313-314 154
Study 88 Depression Susceptibility Genes and Networks: Expression, eQTL and GWAS Analysis Depression Levinson, Weissman, Potash RC2MH089916 621 1000 937 in GenREDII GWAS,922 in RNAseq
Study 89 Identification of Characteristics Associated with Symptom Remission in Autism Autism Black 231 180
Study 90 A genome-wide association study of Schizophrenia in Ireland Schizophrenia Riley, Corvin, O'Neill


301-302 1500

Received GWAS data on portable hard drive on 7-22-2015

Study 91 Whole-genome sequencing for rare highly penetrant gene variants in schizophrenia Schizophrenia Goldstein


258-259 110

162 in dbGaP phs000682


Study 92 Family-Based Genome-Wide Methylation Scan in Neurocognition and Schizophrenia iPSC, Schizophrenia Gur, Nimgaonkar



320-323 200
Study 93 Identifying Intermediate Phenotypes for Compulsive Hoarding OCD Mathews


245 135
Study 94 Common and rare variant genetic screens for clozopine-induced agranulocytosis (CIAC) Schizophrenia Sullivan, Lieberman, Malhotra, Kennedy


324-326 1000

22 in SZ DS31_1; 282 in SZ DS31_2;282 in SZ DS31_3;

Study 95 Abnormal Sterols in ASD and NIMH HGI Repository Expansion (4000) Autism Tierney, Porter, Arnold


232-234 400
Study 96 Olanzapine Versus Placebo in Outpatients with Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa Attia, Steinglass, Guarda, Marcus, Kaplan

R01MH085921, NCT01170117

395-399 160
Study 97 Studies of Autistic Patients: Gene Networks and Clinical Subtypes Autism Rennert, Swedo, Thurm, Raygado 235 300
Study 98 The Effects of Estradiol on Genetic Risk for Disordered Eating during Puberty Anorexia Nervosa Klump


246 700
Study 99 Brain-Behavior and Genetic Studies of the 22q11DS 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Gur, Emanuel


247-248 1000
Study 100 A Longitudinal Imaging Study of Infants at Risk for Autism Autism Piven, Schultz, Botteron, Dagar


236-239 700
Study 101 Pharmacogenomics of Mood Stabilizer Response in Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Kelsoe, Nievergelt, Calabrese, Nurnberger, McInnis, Gershon, Potash, Zandi, Berrettini, Lohoff, Coryell, Alda, Odegaard


420-429 700
Study 102 Genomic Studies of Bipolar Disorder in a Large Cohort from the Netherlands Bipolar Disorder Ophoff, Daalman


430-431 2500
Study 103 Efficacy and Tolerability of Riluzole in Treatment-Resistant Depression Depression Sanacora, Mathew, Fava, Zarate

5R01MH085055, 5R01MH085054, 5R01MH085050

622-625 275
Study 104 Comparison of Long-Acting Injectable Medications for Schizophrenia (ACLAIMS) Schizophrenia Stroup, Lawrence, Byerly, Caroff, D'Souza, Khan, Lamberti, Lieberman, McEvoy, Miller, Steinbook, Jarskog, Buckley, Desouza, D'Mello, Grabowski, Hicks, Hoblyn, Konicki, Tran, Wilson, Millet


327-347 360
Study 105 Establishing Moderators/Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response- Clinical Care (EMBARC) Depression Trivedi, Weissman, McGrath, Parsey, McInnis, Fava

U01MH092221, U01MH092250

626-629 400
Study 106 Collaborative genomic studies of Tourette Disorder Tourette Syndrome State, Heiman, Brown, Gilbert, Hoskstra, Visser, Mir, Morer, Roessner, Ludolph, Munchau, Heyman, Hedderly, von Plessen, Koh, Kim, Song, Choen, Song, Hong, Kim, Kim, Kuperman, Grice, Zinner, Coffey, Leventhal

R01MH092290, R01MH092291, R01MH092292, R01MH092293, R01MH092513, R01MH092516, R01MH092520, R01MH092289, U24MH068457

600-609 (active sites); 610-620 (reserved) 1548
Study 107 RAISE - Early Treatment Program (ETP) Genetics Schizophrenia Kane, et al.

Contract No. HHSN-271-2009-00019C

350 (all 32 sites using site # 350; have subsite #s) 400
Study 108 Sustaining Remission of Psychotic Depression Depression Meyers (retired), Rothschild, Whyte, Flint

5U01MH062518, 5U01MH062624, 5U01MH062565, 4U01MH062446

630-633 400
Study 109 Discovery Science of Human Brain Function Across the Lifespan Brain Function Milham


303 1000
Study 110 D-Cycloserine Augmentation of CBT for Pediatric OCD OCD Geller, Storch

R01MH093402, R01MH093381

249-250 150
Study 111 Biomarkers for Psychosis in Velo-cardio-facial Syndrome 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Kates


394 60
Study 112 The Genetics of Autism: Epilepsy as a Biomarker Autism Devinsky (724-725), Schultz (740) 724-725, 740 1200
Study 113 Identifying Biomarkers for Post-Partum Depression in African-American Women Depression Sullivan, Rubinow


634 2000
Study 114 Mapping the Human Connectome: Structure, Function, and Heritability Brain Function Van Essen


400 1800
Study 115 Exploring the Neuronal Phenotype of Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Induced Pluri iPSC, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Hallmayer, Dolmetsch


726 & 734 150
Study 116 Cellular and genetic correlates of increased head size in autism spectrum disorder iPSC Vaccarino


727 40
Study 117 Autism iPSCs for Studying Function and Dysfunction in Human Neural Development iPSC Loring


728 8
Study 118 Next Generation Gene Discovery in Familial Autism Autism Brkanac


729 60
Study 119 Attaining and Maintaining Wellness in OCD OCD Simpson, Foa


401-402 140


Study 120 RDoC Constructs: Neural Substrates, Heritability, and Relation to Psychopathology RDoC Zald, Lahey


500 400
Study 121 Double-Blind, Proof-of-Concept (PIC) Trial of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS) Augmentation of Antidepressant Therapy in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) Depression Fava, Papakostas, Madhukar, Iosifescu, Sanacora, Rapaport, Shelton


754-759 90
Study 122 Characterization of a Mendelian Form of Psychosis in a Population Isolate Schizophrenia Raventos, Glahn, Almasy


319 200
Study 123 Acute Psychotherapy for Bipolar II Depression Bipolar Disorder Swartz R01MH084831 432 38
Study 124 Multi-pronged genetic studies of schizophrenia in an inbred population Schizophrenia Mansour, Nimgaonkar


349 760
Study 125 Analysis of Glutamatergic Neurons Derived from Patient Specific iPS Cells iPSC Lachman, Rapoport


392-393 31
Study 126 Autism (ACE Network) Autism Constantino, Klin, Molholm


712, 718-720 600
Study 127 Target Identification and Validation for Negative Symptoms and Social Cognition in Schizophrenia: A Translational Study iPSC Hahn

Donation (funded by Pfizer)

717 50
Study 128 A Comprehensive Approach To Identification of Autism Susceptibility Genes Autism Lajonchere, Schultz, Johnson, Reynolds, Butter


713-716 196
Study 129 Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI Project) Anorexia Nervosa Bulik (UNC), Martin (Australian site) Note: Australian site will send samples in 2 batches (at the end of years 2 and 4)


403-404 2000


Study 130 Genomics-Guided Characterization of iPS Cells from Common Mental Illnesses iPSC Haggarty, Perlis

R33MH087896, R21MH093958

433-434 27
Study 131 Chemical genomic approaches to neurobiology of DISC1 iPSC Tsai, Perlis, Cohen


317-318 40
Study 132 NIMH DIRP Protocol 03-M-0035 Screening, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment Optimization and Follow-Up for Childhood Onset Psychiatric Disorders iPSC Rapoport


499, 502 270
Study 133 Biomarker Discovery in Anorexia Nervosa II Anorexia Nervosa Bulik, Bardone-Cone


405 420
Study 134 Genetic Study of Trichotillomania OCD Scharf, Keuthen

There is no grant number for this study. Funded by the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC).

508, 788, 790 938
Study 135 Multimodal Developmental Neurogenetics of Females with ASD Autism Pelphrey, Nelson, Bookheimer, Webb R01MH100028 470-473 312
Study 136 Integrative Molecular and Phenotype Analysis of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome iPSC, 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Hallmayer


355 180
Study 137 Genomics of Schizophrenia in the South African Xhosa Controls, Schizophrenia Stein


356 2200
Study 138 Identification of rare variants of OCD OCD Nedstadt


406 160
Study 139 Addition of OCD to the Genomic Psychiatry Cohort OCD M. Pato, Knowles, Nurmi, Nicolini, Richter, Menchon


407, 417, 783, 787, 805, 822 5000
Study 140 Genome Sequencing in Extended Bipolar Pedigrees Bipolar Disorder Fremier, Jaramillo, Macaya


435-436 2000
Study 141 Genetic Analysis of High-Risk Utah Suicide Pedigrees Suicide Coon


315 5100
Study 142 Psychosis and Affective Research Domains and Intermediate Phenotypes (PARDIP) RDoC Tamminga, Keshavan, Pearlson


496-498 405
Study 143 Modeling Anorexia Nervosa with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells iPSC Muotri


408 30
Study 144 Modeling Autism with Human Pluripotent Cells iPSC Muotri


738 81
Study 145 Genetically Engineered Human Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Platform to Define the B iPSC Jaenisch


737 5
Study 146 Induced Neuronal Cells: A Novel Approach to Study Neuropsychiatric Diseases Autism, iPSC Wernig, Südhof


741 12
Study 147 Longitudinal Family/Molecular Genetic Study to Validate Research Domain Criteria RDoC Glatt, Faraone


501 2800
Study 148 Identifying Regulatory Mutations that Influence Neuropsychiatric Disease Schizophrenia Goldstein, Pulver, Levy


357-359 340
Study 149 Rapidly-Acting Treatments for Treatment-Resistant Depression (RAPID) Depression Fava, Cusin, Iosifescu, Trivedi, Mathew, DeBattista, Sanacora

HHSN271201100006I (contract); HHSN27100005 (task order number)

760-765 100
Study 150 A Study of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Sullivan, Farrell, Josiassen, Shaughnessy, Evans

There is no grant number associated with this study

354 1000
Study 151 Predictors and Mechanisms of Conversion to Psychosis Cannon, Bearden, Walker, Perkins, Cadenhead, Addington, Cornblatt, Woods, Mathalon, Seidman


486-494 540
Study 152 Control and Reward Circuits as Targets for Repetitive Thoughts and Behaviors Controls, OCD Marsh, Simpson


409 80
Study 153 Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Proof-of-Concept (POC) Trial of LY2456302, a Kappa-Selective Opioid Receptor Antagonist, Augmentation of Antidepressant Therapy in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) Depression Fava, Carpenter, Morrison, Zajecka, Macaluso, Shelton


635-639 90
Study 154 FAST MAS KOR Phase 2a RDoC Krystal, Sanacora, Lisanby, Calabrese, Mathew, Nurnberger, Goodman


410-415 90
Study 155 Gene Networks Influencing Psychotic Dysconnectivity in African Americans Schizophrenia Glahn


360 750
Study 156 Transferred from Coriell Collection Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia DeLisi, Gershon Site 735 (BP); Site 736 (SZ) 2500
Study 157 Neuroinflammation and Aggression (RDoC) RDoC Coccaro


503 150
Study 158 Modeling schizophrenia using iPSC neurons iPSC, Schizophrenia Brennand, Gage

No grant number associated with this study. Supported by private funds

361 14
Study 159 A chimeric brain model to study human neurological diseases iPSC Muotri


742 6
Study 160 Contrasting causal microRNAs in forebrain and midbrain COS hiPSC neural cells iPSC Brennand


504 50
Study 161 iPSC Derived Human Cortical Interneurons as Developmental Model of Schizophrenia iPSC Sangmi Chung


362-363, 807 7
Study 162 Bipolar-Schizophrenia Network for Intermediate Phenotypes 2 (BSNIP2) Schizophrenia Tamminga, Clementz, Gershon, Keshavan, Pearlson

2R01MH077851-05A1, 1R01MH103366-01A1, 1R01MH103368-01A1, 2R01MH078113-05A1, 2R01MH077945-05A1

364-368 3600
Study 163 Neuropsychiatric Genome-Scale and RDoC Individualized Domains (N-GRID) iPSC Isaac Kohane, Roy Perlis


416 400
Study 164 The Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials (ABC-CT) Autism McPartland, Charwarska, Nelson, Dawson, Jeste, Bernier


474-478 200
Study 165 Neural development of human induced pluripotent stem cells from schizophrenia patients iPSC Hongjun Song, Russell Margolis


369 13
Study 166 Juvenile Onset Schizophrenia iPSCs iPSC Paul Tesar


370 23
Study 167 Biomarker Assessment of Pomaglumetad on Glutamate Targets: Proof of Clinical Mechanism of Action (POCM) Controls Jeffrey Lieberman, Daniel Javitt, Donald Goff, Stephen Marder, Adrienne Lahti

HHSN271201200007I, HHSN27100003, NCT02919774

793-796 81
Study 168 Mapping the Human Connectome During Typical Aging Brain Function David Van Essen, Melissa Terpstra, Susan Bookheimer, David Salat


797-800 1500
Study 169 Genomics of Postpartum Depression Depression Patrick Sullivan

There is no grant number associated with this study

769 25000
Study 170 Cognitive-Affective Psychosis Proneness Risk and Protective Factors in 22q11.2DS 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Tony J. Simon


770 150
Study 171 Genetic Contributions of Negative Valence Systems to Internalizing Pathways RDoC Roxann Roberson-Nay


771 800
Study 172 A Clinical Study to Establish a Metabolic Biomarker-Based Test to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder in Early Childhood Autism Robert Burrier (PI), David Amaral, Daniel Coury, Melmed Raun, Kevin Sanders, Richard Frye, Logan Wink, Ann Neumeyer


772-777, 784, 786 1500
Study 173 Collaboration on Preclinical Autism Cellular Assays, Biosignatures, and Network Analyses (COPACABANA) iPSC Eugene W. Yeo/Lawrence Goldstein


778 19
Study 174 The Role of Dysmyelination in Cognitive Impairment of Psychotic Disorders Mariana Lazar


779 210
Study 175 Neurobiology of Autism with Macrocephaly Autism Flora Vaccarino


780 120
Study 176 iPSC Phenotype, Mitochondrial Haplotype and Psychosis in 22q11 Deletion Syndrome iPSC Stewart A. Anderson


781 9
Study 177 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Schizophrenia iPSC Marquis Philip Vawter


782 12
Study 178 Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis Brain Function Martha Elizabeth Shenton, Alan Breier


791-792 400
Study 179 Ultra High Field Strength MRI and MRS Study of Bipolar Disorder in Adolescents Bipolar Disorder Hilary Patricia Blumberg


789 52
Study 180 Mapping the Human Connectome During Typical Development Brain Function David Van Essen, Deanna Barch, Leah Somerville, Susan Bookheimer, Kathleen Thomas


801-804 1500
Study 181 Development of new therapeutic targets for patients with bipolar disorder who are resistant to conventional psychotropic medications using induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) iPSC Fred H. Gage

There is no grant number associated with this study

806 80
Study 182 Systematic Functional Interpretation of Regulatory Variants in Schizophrenia iPSC Jubao Duan, Peter Penzes

R01MH106575, R21MH102685

808-809, 836 109
Study 183 Multimodal Analysis of High-Risk Psychosis Mutations in Induced Neuronal Cells iPSC Douglas Levinson, Thomas Sudhof, Marius Wernig


810-811 100
Study 184 iPSC-based platform development for major psychiatric disorder modeling and discovery iPSC Fred H. Gage, Hongjun Song


812-813 123
Study 185 Alzheimer's Disease Connectome Project Brain Function Shi-Jiang Li, Barbara Bendlin


814-815 600
Study 186 Dissecting functional roles of schizophrenia risk gene ZNF804a in neural development iPSC Yingwei Mao


816-817 9
Study 187 Healthy Brain Network Brain Function Michael Milham, Jasmine Escalera

Not associated with an active grant

818 6500
Study 188 Aging and Emotion Regulation Brain Circuitry in Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Hilary Blumberg


819 160
Study 189 Genetics of Severe Mental Illness-Colombia Nelson Freimer, Carrie Bearden, Carlos Lopez-Jaramillo


820 10000
Study 190 MicroRNA Desregulation in Psychiatric Disorders and Cognitive Dysfunction iPSC Joseph A. Gogos, Sanders Markx


821 48
Study 191 Longitudinal Assessment of Posttraumatic Syndromes PTSD Samuel McLean, Kerry Ressler, Karestan Koenen, et al.


823-833, 841-848 108400
Study 192 Modeling the Human Neuronal Phenotype of the Schizophrenia-Associated 3q29 Deletion iPSC Jennifer Mulle


834 362
Study 193 Binge Eating Genetics INitiative (BEGIN) Anorexia Nervosa Cynthia Bulik, Laura Thornton

There is no grant associated with this study

835 5000
Study 194 Dimensional Connectomes of Anxious Misery Fear and Anxiety Yvette I. Sheline


837 250
Study 195 Large-scale reprogramming and expression analysis of patient-derived neural cells in schizophrenia iPSC Joseph D. Buxbaum, Kristen Jennifer Brennand


838 333
Study 196 Recruitment and Characterization of Healthy Research Volunteers for NIMH Intramural Studies. Controls Joyce Y. Chung

Protocol number 17-M-0181

839 2000
Study 197 A conserved transcriptional cascade involved in brain overgrowth, social behavior and autism. iPSC Anthony J. Wynshaw-Boris


840 24
Rutgers University Rutgers University USC Information Sciences Institute Washington University in St.Louis National Institute of Mental Health